KÜBLER Restrukturierung • Insolvenzverwaltung •  Steuerberatung

Since 1974, corporate restructuring and insolvency administration have been the key areas of KÜBLER’s practice. By means of expert knowledge and experience in both the legal area and the field of business economics, the company enjoys an excellent national and international reputation.


KÜBLER is strictly oriented to the requirements of the market: Due to the clear focus on restructuring and insolvency law and a nationwide network with local professionals, KÜBLER is considered as the ideal partner for companies of different sizes, sectors and complexities. The objective – if legally possible – is the avoidance of insolvency.


A core competence of KÜBLER is the stabilization and the going-concern of larger companies in economic crisis, also over a longer period of time. In doing so, the focus is to stabilize and maintain the business operations and to sustain a maximum number of jobs.


KÜBLER insolvency administrators are especially familiar with the insolvency law instruments of a self-administration (DIP) and insolvency plan proceedings. In the course of proceedings with a self-administration (DIP), KÜBLER gives advice or can even join the board. If KÜBLER does not provide legal advice in advance, our partners will also take the function of the trustee.


Beyond the area of insolvency administration, KÜBLER professionals are competent consultants, appraisers and counsels in every stage of corporate crisis. Due to the structure of our law firm, we are able to establish expert teams made up of lawyers, public accountants, tax advisors, business economists, management consultants and mediators anywhere in Germany, even at short notice, to support a company or an insolvency administrator at the operating site.


For numerous years and increasingly since the European Insolvency Code came into effect, KÜBLER has also dealt with cross-border insolvencies. In several group insolvencies, KÜBLER took over – in addition to the administration of the German holding company - the role of the main insolvency administrator of the foreign subsidiary, whose center of business was located in Germany.